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Viligno vinyl floors have been created with the emphasis on design. They combine all the advantages of vinyl with the true natural appearance of authentic materials. Viligno LVT flooring includes a series of tile and wood motifs that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Viligno floors are suitable for new builds as well as renovation; you can install them yourself, they are durable, of minimum thickness, smooth to walk on, easy to maintain, waterproof and environment-friendly. A Viligno floor adds style to your interior and also delivers substantial added value to your home.

Furthermore, Viligno floors are 100% waterproof, which makes them perfectly suitable for spaces where there is high humidity and where it is necessary to clean with water, such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

This new generation of floors is environment-friendly and made from pure PVC that is recyclable. So when you choose a Viligno floor you are respecting nature!


The Viligno board range consists of a series of natural-looking wood motifs with grain structure. Viligno vinyl plank flooring is extremely suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices and even for commercial projects.
For those who like a sleek interior with straight lines, yet want to preserve a certain warmth, our ‘Light oak’ collection can surely charm you. The natural oak’s soft and light tone is timeless and fairly neutral, making it easy to combine with various styles of furniture and a variety of natural materials. Its light tone and subtle wood grain structure create a spacious effect and exhumes an air of complete tranquillity.
The Viligno ‘Traditional oak’ has a slightly more unpolished appearance. With its pronounced grain this floor suits a more rural and natural style remarkably well. Perfect for combining with furniture, accessories or doors of untreated wood and with fabrics, pillows, and covers of authentic, natural materials such as linen, for example. ‘Traditional oak’ represents an uncomplicated life style flourishing in a cosy simplicity.
‘Classic oak’ is timeless. This Viligno floor breathes the timeless durability of solid oak boards, with their typical colour and grain. ‘Classic oak’ is the only choice for anyone looking for a sturdy and subdued style. This honest and understated appearance allows you to take your interior design in any number of different directions. Feel free to combine it with stylish furniture as well as varnished or painted vintage furniture.
‘Dark brown oak’ adds a nostalgic touch to the interior with its warm, deep tone and pronounced grain. With this warm and stylish Viligno floor you are guaranteed to give your home an intimate cosy atmosphere. ‘Dark brown oak’ is perfectly suitable for combining with dark antique furniture and accessories in a colonial style. However the contrast with sleek modern furniture in a light colour also provides soothing contrasts.
This Viligno floor combines the looks of weathered, recycled floorboards with the advantages of new and durable flooring. ‘Reclaimed grey oak’ looks as if it were plucked from an old store room or an abandoned ware house. The floor works best in spacious rooms with plenty of natural light. ‘Reclaimed grey oak’ is ideal for the interior of a loft, possibly with bare columns and supports.
‘Dark grey oak’ is the right Viligno floor for those who like sleek architecture and modern furniture design. With its dark colour it fits perfectly in a minimalistic room and it emphasises the furniture and accessories. For this Viligno floor minimalistic does not mean cold, as its real wood feel and grain structure bring a warm touch to the home.
‘Light grey oak’ is a true classic amongst the Viligno floors. Its faded greyish colour and soft grain allow it to blend seamlessly with any interior and every style of furniture. ‘Light grey oak’ supports interiors with soft tones as equally well as those with bright, hip colour schemes. Especially the latter makes it highly suitable for use in children’s rooms. However it certainly would not look out of place in a modern living room with a youthful décor either.


With the look of natural stone, Viligno vinyl tiles are ideal for an easy-maintenance and welcoming bathroom or kitchen. Like all the other Viligno floors, they are also 100% waterproof.

This Viligno floor with tile structure and the look of real natural stone is very suitable for a practical and pretty bathroom. Like our other floors the ‘Beige tile’ is after all one hundred percent waterproof and low maintenance. Furthermore the floor is warm and soft to the touch and you can comfortably walk on it barefoot without fear of slipping. The beige colour allows you to take the interior design in any number of directions: rural, modern, vintage or historic.
Choosing the right kitchen floor still proves to be difficult for many people. Is the floor durable and can it stand up to the wear of use in a kitchen? Is maintaining the floor easy? Is it really dirt and stain proof? With the ‘Light grey tile’ from Viligno these cares are a thing of the past. Thanks to the ‘Light grey tile’ you no longer have to worry about dropped food scraps or knocked over cups.
The Viligno ‘Dark grey tile’ gives a completely new dimension to the term country kitchen. Its colour, structure, and appearance perfectly harmonise with kitchen countertops made from grey freestone or granite, with vintage taps and stove, painted cupboards, classic wall tiles, and sturdy, rural furniture. ‘Dark grey tile’ gives an air of authenticity like that of old material and combines it with futuristic characteristics concerning durability and maintenance.

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