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The FloPlast “Cast Iron” Style Soil Systems offer the authentic look of Cast Iron with all the benefits of PVC.  This soil system complements the extremely successful Half Round, Hi-Cap and Niagara “Cast Iron” Style Rainwater Systems. All sockets come complete with a “Cast Iron” Style socket shroud. 10 Year Performance and Colour Guarantee. Traditional 1.8 metre length plain-ended pipe. Pipe clips also replicate the authentic cast iron style.

Cast Iron Soil Pipe
Available in 1.8m length
 Pipe Coupler
Pipe Clip
 Pipe Spacer Bracket 
90 Degree Single Socket Bend
45 Degree Single
Socket Bend

90 Degree Double
Socket Bend
45 Degree Double
Socket Bend
90 Degree Plain
 90 Degree Boss 
 90 Degree Access
 Access Pipe

Boss Pipe
Strap On Boss
 Vent Terminal
Weathering Collar


HomeHomeware and GiftsInteriors and ExteriorsRooflineDrainage