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The system is available in 1 metre black lengths and the plastic version is manufactured from a 100% recycled plastic material and provides a strong and reliable solution for domestic surface water drainage.

The cross-braced design provides added rigidity and the concave shape of the system enables the quick and easy flow of surface water into the drainage system.  

FloDrain is designed to withstand the Class A loading of a standard vehicle (15kN) and has been manufactured to meet the BS EN ISO9001 quality standard and conforms to BS EN 1433.

FloDrain has the benefit of a heel guard grate incorporated into the design of the product.  In addition, the grate has a slip resistant finish that provides additional grip in all weather conditions and reduces the chances of slipping.  Additional features include an easy to use channel-to-channel locking system that allows the user to securely click multiple channels into place for easy assembly and handling.

The channel features three outlet connections underneath the base, together with additional options at each end of the channel.  These five possible outlets for connection allow added flexibility for the user when installing.

Plastic Channel Drainage Garage Pack
Contains 3 x 1m length of channel,
End Cap and Outlet
Galvanised Channel Drainage Garage Pack
Contains 3 x 1m length of channel,
End Cap and Outlet 
Channel 1m Plastic Grid Channel 1m Galvanised Grid
Drain Corner Plastic Grid  Drain Corner Galvanised Grid
End Cap  End Outlet


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