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FloFit is a flexible and fully demountable push-fit plumbing system. The product is suitable for all domestic and small commercial hot & cold-water installations, including central heating for both pressurised (unvented) and combi (vented) systems.

FloFit enables the installer to undertake a faster, easier and more cost effective installation.  Independent testing confirms time savings of up to 40% compared with traditional plumbing materials. Lightweight and easy to handle. Grip ring seal connection. Fully demountable. All products supplied with white collet clips (which prevents accidental pipe release). Coloured red and blue collet clips allow easy identification of hot and cold installations. Maintenance free white finish.

Flofit Pipe
Available in 3m length
Straight Coupler
also available in a
reducing coupler
Equal Tee 
Reducing Tee
90 Degree Elbow
also available in 90 degree conversion bend

Blue Collar Clip Red Collar Clip Polybutylene Inserts PE-X Insert

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