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FloPlast 110mm Ring Seal Soil System is Manufactured in PVC-U. Provides an efficient means of waste water drainage and foul discharge from appliances. Manufactured in PVC-U to give a strong and durable product, lightweight and easy to work with and suitable for high temperature waste discharge. Fittings have an aesthetic modern look, are compact in size yet remain within the British Standard specification. Push-Fit joint through an innovatively designed seal and snap cap system. Comprehensive range of fittings to suit most installations and which integrate with all FloPlast Above and Below Ground Drainage Systems. Colours available: White, Grey and Black.

 Single Socket Pipe
Available in 3m length
 Pipe Clip  Single Socket Coupler  Double Socket Coupler  90 Degree Single
Socket Bend
 90 Degree Single Socket Bend

Adjustable Bend 
0-90 Degree
135 Degree Offset
Bend Bottom
 135 Degree Offset
Bend Bottom 
 90 Degree Junction
Also available in  
45 Degree Junction 
 90 Degree Access
 90 Degree Junction
with Access

Screwed Access Plug Socket Plug Single Socket Access
Boss Pipe  Short Boss Pipe  Strap On Boss

 Soil Manifold   Weathering Collar  Vent Terminal  Extract Cowl   Weathering Slate   Rubber Boss Adaptor
Available in 32mm,
40mm and 50mm 

 Solvent Boss Adaptor
Available in 32mm,
40mm and 50mm
 Universal Rainwater
Square and Round
  Universal Water Adaptor  Drain Connector


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